Vivoli / Bakeries / Döner

In the Spring of 2012, while I was living and studying in Florence, Italy, I did my best to discover anything and everything I could about the city and the local inhabitants. I was able to enjoy amazing food and delicious drinks in the heart of the capital of Tuscany, and I came across some spots I feel are worth sharing.

Vivoli (Via Dell’Isola delle Stinche, 7r) – Although there are many options for good gelato in Florence, the best I had was at Vivoli. Somewhat difficult of find, Vivoli is located one block off of Piazza Santa Croce.

Secret Bakeries (throughout the city including one close to Vivoli) – Shhh! (a detailed breakdown can be found here)

Döner Kebaps – These delicious Turkish sandwiches can be found throughout Europe (they are now mercifully gaining popularity in the United States) and are available at more than 30 locations in Florence. Filled with your choice of chicken, lamb, or falafel and arguably the best drunk food ever created, I strongly recommend you try one, especially if you never have before. My favorite spot to visit was nicknamed Tunnel Kebap and is located in the tunnel across from Borgi Pinti (here). Open late and merely a few blocks from my apartment, my roommate and I developed a friendship with the owners during our frequent visits. Another good option is Freddy Donner Kebab, a great spot to grab some grub with some buds late at night.


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