Brunori Salvatore / Gusta Pizza

In the Spring of 2012, while I was living and studying in Florence, Italy, I did my best to discover anything and everything I could about the city and the local inhabitants. I was able to enjoy amazing food and delicious drinks in the heart of the capital of Tuscany, and I came across some spots I feel are worth sharing.

Brunori Salvatore aka Panificio Brunori (Borgo Pinti, 16) – An amazing little bakery that has Italians out-the-door during the lunch hour. Owned by a husband and wife, they serve sandwiches to order with fresh ingredients; unbelievably delicious, large, and economical. However be warned: they only speak Italian and expect you to order your ingredients quickly. Another good, cheap sandwich option, though with noticeably smaller portions, is I Due Fratellini.

Gusta Pizza (Via Maggio, 46r) – Home to my favorite pizza, arguably the best in the city, and still fairly cheap, Gusta Pizza is located across the river from the city center. If you’re not up for the walk, an alternative is Gusto Leo which also has good pizza and is cheap for take-out.



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