DiVino / Il Birrificio Mostadolce

In the Spring of 2012, while I was living and studying in Florence, Italy, I did my best to discover anything and everything I could about the city and the local inhabitants. I was able to enjoy amazing food and delicious drinks in the heart of the capital of Tuscany, and I came across some spots I feel are worth sharing.

DiVino (Via Taddea, 5) Home to the best wine in Florence; bring in an empty bottle and they will fill it with your choice of 14 house wines, red or white, for only a few euro.

Il Birrificio Mostadolce (Via Nazionale, 114) An excellent brewpub with good food and great beer, including a personal favorite: Martellina (a 7.6% Belgian-styled Pale Ale brewed with honey).


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